5 Myths About Hosted Phone Systems

Have you heard bad things about VoIP? This email should reassure you that there's no truth in it but if you'd rather hear it directly please feel free to call me on 0207 566 4949. MYTH 1: VoIP is unreliable VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is actually more reliable than traditional copper wires. By using the distributed nature of the Internet you are no longer tied to a single connection to the outside world – easily damaged by a poorly placed road worker’s drill or bad weather. Your telephone handset converts your voice into a digital signal which is then passed to our cloud servers and routed to the handset you are calling. MYTH 2: The technology is too new Internet Telephony has been around for a good few years – and we've been in business providing business telephony for over a decade. The only difference is that now people are starting to see what a difference a hosted phone system can make to their business. MYTH 3: It's too expensive as we'll need new phones One monthly payment will cover rental of the handsets and provision of the service. You can even have WiFi phones which act like smartphones and connect through the mobile network when you're not in the office. We've seen some companies save 70% on their telecommunications costs by switching to a hosted phone system. MYTH 4: It's too complicated. We provide the support and training you need to be able to manage and configure your network yourself. Features you don't need you don't need to enable. Handsets are all compatible – so once you've learnt how to use one you'll know how to use all of them. MYTH 5: It'll create more paperwork Switching to a hosted telephone system will allow you to bring landline and mobile contracts together into one single account and one point of contact in the unlikely event something goes wrong. Instead of increasing paperwork a hosted phone system could reduce it.


Employee-friendly Systems Improve Staff Morale

More and more employers are being encouraged to adopt policies and practices that improve their employee's work-life balance. Many office jobs require nothing more complicated than a broadband connection, computer and telephone and can be done from home or in the office. A virtual PBX can allow you to approve requests for flexible working or home working by allowing your employees to take their office phones home as easily as they can take their office laptops. A VoIP handset can seamlessly switch between using the office WiFi or mobile data network to route telephone calls across the internet meaning colleagues and clients alike only need one number to be able to contact each other. In the office the ease with which your employees will be able to learn to use the handsets will amaze even the most technophobic of staff members. The intuitive interface guides them through setting up the advanced features – some of which are only available on traditional exchanges costing thousands to install – and once they've got to grips with it once they can rest assured it will be the same on any other handset. Happy employees make happy managers but to keep them happier still you can have a reliable, feature-rich, configurable and scalable hosted phone system for a fraction of the cost of a traditional system. So what are you waiting for? Make everyone happy today and call me on '0207 566 4949' to find out more. Or reply to this email to request a copy of our Buyer's Guide.


Thinking of Moving?

Businesses grow and sooner or later they find themselves needing more space than their existing offices can offer. Deciding to change location can be a huge upheaval and can incur unexpected costs. It can also be confusing for customers during the move if you have to change contact details. A virtual PBX gives you one less thing to think about whilst moving. Leave a message for your client in one office, unplug the phone, take it to the new office and plug it in again just in time to catch them calling you back. You won't incur fees for setting up new lines or breaking your contract either as the service we provide will remain the same regardless of where you are. A hosted phone system is easily scalable too. Increasing the number of phone lines is done virtually so no more waiting for engineers to turn up to run cables or install trunking. New handsets can be added very easily and once you've learnt how to use one handset you'll be able to use any of them thanks to the across-the-range compatibility and intuitive interface. If you're thinking of moving your phone provider then try giving us a call first on  '0207 566 4949' to find out more. Or reply to this email to request a copy of our Buyer's Guide.


Changing From a Traditional Phone System to a Hosted VoIP

These days Telecommunications and IT are at the heart of every organisation, it will come as welcome news that the cost of one of your organisation’s most crucial elements has recently dropped massively thanks to Hosted VoIP from Broadgate. For the uninitiated, VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol; the revolutionary method of employing a fast broadband connection to transmit voice calls, thereby replacing and greatly improving flexibility on old-style fixed analogue and ISDN line systems. Why does Hosted VoIP cuts costs and offer a host of advanced features: Unlike most conventional phone systems which use equipment that can cost thousands of pounds, a Hosted phone system has no upfront costs and is based in a subscription model like Microsoft 365 and utilises cloud technology. As a result the cost can be up to a staggering 70% less than a conventional phone system, while also reducing the cost of calls and removing the need for on-site maintenance and support charges. Huge cost savings, on demand features, increased quality and reliability, flexibility and a range of integrated advanced features; no wonder businesses across the world are now choosing Hosted VoIP phone systems. No capital outlay and the Broadgate Voice & Data price pledge: To add to the overwhelming appeal of Hosted VoIP, with Broadgate Voice & Data there is no capital outlay whatsoever. All you pay is a fixed monthly cost which covers both the line and handset rental and installation; enabling you to budget more accurately and direct your capital to where there is greater need. We are so confident about our ability to provide you with a solution tailor-made to your requirements, that we offer the Broadgate Voice & Data price pledge; whereby we promise to meet or better any like for like quote, so it really is a win-win situation. Get the inside track and ask for a copy of the "Broadgate Voice & Data guide to Hosted VoIP buyers guide" by simply replying yes to this email and we will send you one without obligation straight away. Broadgate Voice & Data is one of the UK’s leading communications and business telephone system providers in the uk; delivering dedicated solutions to businesses for over a decade.

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