• These include products from:

  • Operating Systems

    If you’re looking to equip your staff with mobile email (and most businesses do), you’ll need to consider which mobile operating system will best suit the needs of your business? Luckily, all staff at Broadgate Mobile are trained on how to implement and maintain the following main operating systems, and will be able to advise on a solution that will best suit your individual requirements.

  • Guarantees

    Handsets supplied by Broadgate Mobile typically come complete with a 24 month warranty, meaning they will be exchanged if a fault develops within the first 2 years of original supply. Apple products are not included within this policy and other exclusions may apply.

  • Tablets

    We offer a range of Tablet devices to suit your preference from manufacturers including Apple, Samsung, Sony and Microsoft. Choose from IOS, Android or Windows platforms, a WIFI only or the latest 3G or 4G ready device to compliment your daily communications.

  • Handset Recycling

    Upgrading your handsets and no longer need your old devices? We can recycle your old mobiles and give you funding towards future purchases.