Inbound features that are available to you include Call Recording, Call Queuing, Auto-Attendant, Call Whisper, Voicemail, real-time Advanced Call Statistics and Disaster Recovery.

  • The benefits of Inbound

  • Multi-purpose –the service can be used to enable employees to work more flexibly effectively managing everyday calls or can be used as a robust business continuity solution
  • Use this service from any device, with any number, anywhere – available on both non-geographic (08/03) and geographic (01/02) numbers which can be accessed through any secure user-friendly website
  • Immediate set up – as everything directly feeds into our network and is online it gives you the ability to make changes to or instantly create announcements, call plans, and more
  • No capital outlay – there are no set up costs meaning it can be funded out of your daily spend
  • Easy-to-use – the whole service has been designed to be intuitive, jargon-free and enable you to use it very quickly to become more productive

From simple call routing to complex call centre services

Choose the best Inbound service to suit your business:


Contact Point

If you are a sole trader/single-site business wanting to change and set up your call routing based around your opening hours/staff availability then contact point is ideal for you.


Contact Path

If you are a multi-site/multi-department organisation and you have to route calls based on who the caller is and where they are located, to the relevant account manager or nearest office then contact path is ideal for you.


Contact Pro

If your business aims to provide the best customer service and you want to deal with incoming enquiries effectively and without missing a call then contact pro’s complex, reliable call centre functionality is right for you.

Who is Inbound aimed at?


Customer service

Excel in customer service when the office is closed or by managing callers during busy hours for example.


Contact centre services

Provide contact centre services – for instance call centres looking to professionally handle calls for multiple clients.


Business continuity

In the event of a disaster maintain business continuity by instantly redirecting calls to another site.


Local or national presence

Create national (08/03 number) or local (01/02 number) presence.


Call recording

Record calls for training or compliance purposes and report on productivity.


Campaign reporting

Monitor your advertising campaigns and report on the ROI.