• We provide new telephone systems across a broad range of manufacturers. Here are our key strategic partners, through whom we offer both Digital & IP ready communication systems.


  • iPECS (UCP, eMG80, LIK)
  • Fully Integrated Data Platforms
  • Mobile Integration
  • ISDN or SIP compatible options


  • IP Office
  • Flexible Configuration
  • Voice, Video & Mobile Collaboration
  • Contact Centre Solutions


  • Samsung Officeserv 7000
  • IP Ready and Fully SIP Compliant
  • Unified Comms with Integration
  • Cost Effective & Easily Configured.


  • KX-NCP500
  • Advanced IP Comms Platform
  • HD Voice Quality
  • Communications Assistant

Big value on small business phone systems. It starts with 36%* savings.

There was a time when business phone systems were not only expensive but required a great deal of space for a mainframe as well as staff for ongoing technical support and maintenance. With Broadgate Cloud-hosted small business phone systems, all of that is no longer a concern for SMEs in the UK. We have a wide range of solutions for any business of any size that will meet your communication needs. Your telecommunications will reside in the Cloud and that means you have more space and more time to do what you do best – run your business!

Get a Broadgate Cloud-hosted small business phone system and get 36% savings* compared to traditional phone service providers. Gone are the days of closets full of equipment. With 40+ business-critical features, your business can customize a powerful Cloud-hosted communication solution that does more for less.

You’ll love our VoIP small business solutions like cloud-hosted mobility.

Work happens in more places than the office and long after traditional business hours are done. Your small business phone features can be accessed on your smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops whenever you need them.

With a Cloud-based VoIP small business phone system, you can make calls from a central office number even if you are on the other side of the world! You will show up on their Caller ID as being located at the home office but you might be standing right outside their office building. That’s the beauty of working in the Cloud because wherever you happen to be is where your business is located!

Are you working from an internet café on assignment on the continent? You can access all your messages, make phone calls and do any communications just as you would back home at the office except the office is wherever you are. That’s Cloud technology and that’s what Broadgate brings to your SME.

24/7 IT support. 365 days a year. Phew.

Your VoIP small business phones arrive pre-configured to plug and play. Getting set up is easy. But if you need help, our support team and extensive online resources are available. Once you’re up and running you can manage, or even add extensions using your very own Admin Portal. Broadgate can maximize your up-time and keep your business doing business.

When you consider cost, there is nothing quite as cost effective as the Cloud-based phone system Broadgate will design for you. Unlike older systems that required costly hardware, our Cloud based telecommunication servers don’t require you to purchase any costly equipment. We’ve done the buying for you and you will use the same system that provides space in the Cloud to host your company’s portal. Our equipment, your communications!

You will never need to call a service technician to your location because they wouldn’t find any equipment there. That’s our job, our responsibility, and we employ the technical staff needed to ensure maximum uptime. Your staff can go on about their daily duties while we see to it that each and every call is crystal clear and no call is ever dropped – on your end that is. We can’t, of course, guarantee what’s happening on the other end of the line!

The lines as you need. The features you want. The transition you’ll love.

Broadgate Business Cloud phone systems can be easily configured to support as many phone lines as your business needs. Lines starts with a standard suite of 40+ features included. Premium features can be added per extension or across your account. Transitioning to Broadgate Business Cloud is also easy with simple activation and set up that gets your business up and running fast.

We look at your needs and discuss your options. From on-site handsets to mobile in-car solutions, you will find that your workforce has just what they need to communicate as needed from wherever they happen to be. Yes, it’s all based on VoIP Cloud technology but our solutions are tailored to your company’s needs.

Whether you need a few phones in a small office or dozens of phones with multiple lines spread across remote locations, we can design the business communications package you need. And, the best news of all? The transition is fast and easy with minimal disruption to your daily activities. Simply tell us what you need and we can put that package together for you. Give us a call today to see just what it means to reside in the Cloud.

  • Telephone Systems Maintenance

24/7 nationwide coverage, for uninterrupted business
Maintenance solutions aren’t just for emergencies; by maintaining your system we can make sure you never miss a call again.

  • We also provide