• Conference Call Services

Running those important conference calls is made easy. Our service is easy to set up and manage, very-reliable, and gives you ultimate control.

You can choose from a broad range of flexible conferencing services, which means you only pay for what you use:

  • Our Self-Managed Conference Calls gives you all the things you need, for your everyday audio conference calls.
  • To host an Event Call for yourself or with the help of an expert operator, you can choose the right product from five flexible options.
  • Self-Managed Conference Calls

Our secure, self-managed and easy-to-use service is available globally and round the clock. No need to pre-book – using your PIN and unique dial-in number has never been easier to set up whenever you like for those all-important conference calls.

Perfect, no matter where your team are when sharing information, for getting people together or for regular meetings. Benefit from local access numbers from anywhere in the world, and schedule meetings from your calendar or email system directly.

  • Call Record

Easy to record meetings and share your recordings.

Press #7 to record your audio conference on your telephone during your conference call and follow online or use the audio prompts with Conference Control.

All recordings can be downloaded or accessed through logging into the Customer Area.