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Businesses today have started to realise how beneficial IP (internet protocol) technology is when it comes to making communications easier. Using internet-based systems allows organizations to build a single infrastructure supporting both voice and data communication requirements.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), is a technology providing users the capability to make calls using the internet rather than the analogue or conventional phone system.

Any business concerned about efficient and cost-effective solutions for telecommunications needs to know that VoIP telephone systems are the best choice in today’s Internet-driven society.

One of the first tasks for any small start-up company is to ensure reliable phone access. VoIP is the perfect phone solution for any small business. With VoIP it’s never been easier to add a new employee, and remove or reassign the line when an employee leaves. You will always have the correct number of phone lines for your needs.

All the traditional call system features you expect are available in VoIP systems, including call transfer, conference calling, call hold, call hunt, auto-attendant phone menus and find me / follow me. Broadgate Voice is a leading provider of VoIP phone services for small businesses that can save you money. Some more benefits of Voice over IP telephone systems are:

  • Better mobility and connectivity

Because IP phone systems transfer data over the internet, organizations with internet connectivity can communicate almost anywhere on the planet. With IP phones you won’t have to change numbers or pay for long-distance charges.

  • Ease of configuration and installation

IP telephone systems are much easier to configure and install than traditional phone systems. Graphical user interfaces (GUI), proprietary software, and other dedicated technologies that phone companies use can be too complex and confusing for most people. However, IP phone systems are generally better understood by anyone who is familiar about networks.

  • Scalable nature

VOIP phone systems are not limited to specific numbers of physical phone connections. Organizations that require new telephone connections simply connect their new IP phone to the router.

IP technology has opened up a lot of opportunities for organizations when it comes to communication. Offering unified infrastructure allows employees and users to take advantage of different functionalities. Overhead costs are minimized and business communications processes become more efficient.

It’s understandable that any suggestion requiring wholesale shifts in how companies conduct business sounds risky. Considering a move to a VOIP phone system for any small business can be confusing with all the features and services that are available. Scrolling through pages of fine print doesn’t contribute to making the right decision either.

It’s always best to take advice from an experienced consultant to help you with major business decisions like this one. Our advisors at Broadgate can assist you with choosing the best VoIP phone system for your specific needs and help you implement any changes in the most efficient way possible.

  • Feature-rich systems

Previously, telephony systems similar to PBX (private branch exchange) changed the way businesses communicate. Companies were able to make phone calls for the first time within and outside their organizations using one or just a few main phone lines. Today, feature-rich IP telephony or VoIP phone systems are more advanced than ever. IP phones can to do a lot more than just make phone calls. Unified messaging, programmable buttons, caller ID, email transcription, teleconferencing capability, call waiting, and voice mail to auto attendant feature— these are just a few of the features of todays IP phone systems.


£15.00 Per User Per Month

Includes : Line rental, DDI numbers , Voicemail, Caller Display , Call Hold and Transfer, 3-way Calling, Do Not Disturb, Music on Hold. Group Pickup and many more features.


£20.00 Per User Per Month

Includes all the features of the Silver Package + the additional facilities of , Auto Attendant , Call Queuing,and Call Recording. Storage Charges will apply.


£10.00 Per User Per Month

Make and receive your Office calls from an iPhone or Android device, anywhere in the world.This can also be installed on an iPad, Tablet, Macbook, Windows PC and integrates with most Hosted CRM platforms.

With Broadgate Voice you can enjoy a full office phone solution for your business. Easy to set up, use & maintain – includes hardware and local & national minutes.