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We know that successful communication is key to your business. A timely efficient maintenance and support service is crucial if things stop working. Whether you need to communicate directly with your clients and customers or other parts of your business, you need communications that are reliable and consistent. Businesses often build their workflows around the assumption that if they need to reach a particular individual or department, they are easily able to do so.

All of our account managers and engineers are highly skilled and have years of industry experience. Well-equipped to quickly find a lot of the problems that can happen with your phone system. Of course, every business would love to have a phone system that they knew they could rely upon 100% of the time, but this is an impossible standard. Even the best phone system will occasionally suffer a technical issue. The best you can do is to ensure that you respond promptly to any problems as they arise and restore normal service as soon as possible.


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When was the last time your business reviewed the state of your telephone network? Have you had any issues with your service in the last 12 months that have taken an unacceptable amount of time to solve? If you have any reason to suspect that your business is unprepared to deal with an outage in your telephone communications, this is a situation that you will want to remedy as soon as possible.

Contact us today to arrange a free quote and find out how much it will cost to have our team of engineers on hand to diagnose and fix any issues that your business telephone network experiences.

  • Standard Contract

All of our standard contracts come with the following features.

  • On-site cover for parts & labour for all proprietary components: When you have an issue with proprietary components, it can be difficult to resolve. Tracking down the right parts and finding someone who is able to work with them can slow down your response to telecommunications issues. We will work to ensure that we have all the necessary skills and knowledge among our staff to be able to rectify any problems you might have.
  • Telephone technical support: If we can help you to solve your issue over the phone then we will take this approach. This enables us to help you solve your issue as quickly as possible. Our UK-based support team will always be on hand to assist with your telephone-related issues as and when they arise.
  • 16 Working Hour Response for minor Problems: In order to ensure that we are able to respond as fast as possible to the most serious issues, we will prioritise incoming issues. For minor issues we will undertake to resolves them within 16 working hours.
  • 4 Working Hour Response for major Failures: When a major issue befalls your network, we will endeavour to fix the issue within four working hours. We understand that time is money and any downtime your business face represents lost revenue.
  • Office hours support only: Our support staff work the same hours as your office, meaning that we work when you work. This ensures that there will be someone available to help you whenever an issue strikes during working hours.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your business. To get a quote for our telephone system maintenance service free of charge, simply give us a call on 0203 078 9900.

No matter who you are or what you do, we can help you to ensure that one of the most important components of your success as a business is firmly locked down.

  • Free Remote Programming

When a system has the capabilities of being programmed remotely and a connection via the internet or 3G/4G is available, we will program minor changes without charge, avoiding added costs for an engineer to visit. However, a charge for major changes will be incurred.

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