Broadgate CPM helps you look at historical and real-time data to better understand level of dropped calls, response times, calling patterns and average the handling time of a call. You can identify trends and a proactive approach can be adopted to resolve any potential issues.

  • From just £5 per month
  • No upfront investment
  • Rapid roll out
  • Fully automated
  • No contract term

Easy to set up, simple to manage

  • No capital investment is needed. Broadgate CPM is a fully managed and hosted service.
  • Broadgate will manage your set-up and configuration, so no technical resources required,
  • Call data is acquired directly from Openreach and uploaded automatically on a daily basis
  • Companies can deal directly with users without involvement from Broadgate unless required..
Broadgate Voice & Data call performance management graphs

Broadgate CPM provides customers with a suite of reports and graphs at their fingertips, including:

  • Time based analysis – what is our busiest time of day, are we losing calls?
  • Analysis per day of the week – which is our quietest or busiest weekday?
  • Call duration analysis – how quickly are our customer inquiries dealt with?
  • Ring time analysis – do customers have to wait a long time before a call is answered?
  • Lost opportunities – do customers have to wait a long time before they hang up?
  • Ring time statistics – during break or lunch periods are calls being handled efficiently?
  • Capacity planning – is there enough capacity to handle all our calls, do we have enough lines?
  • Directional analysis – are more calls made than we receive?