Landline Phones for Small Business

Our business is to keep your business connected.

A telephone system for a small business or an office at home will have VoIP technology, many phones lines, and different user-friendly features to increase productivity and efficiency. Having the right business phone system gives small businesses and start-ups the same communication potential as more established and larger organisations.

Business Phone Line Providers

One of the biggest choices you have to make when deciding on the right phone line for your small business is the provider you choose for your solutions.

In the UK, businesses can choose any number of suppliers from the telecom’s industry with each having their own advantages and benefits along with features to suit any type of organisations.


With Broadgate Voice you can enjoy a full office phone solution for your business. Easy to set up, use & maintain – includes hardware and local & national minutes.

What Small Business Phone System do you Require?

Before purchasing a small business telephone system, we would recommend you consider the following facts:

  • What features would you like on your telephone system?
  • How many extensions are required?
  • How many phone lines do you need?
  • Can your telephone system expand with growth?
  • How many phone line provider sockets do you need?

It is important to examine each of these questions carefully because the phone system you choose for your small business is important for a number of reasons. Communication is important to the success of any organisation no matter what sector you work in. Modern phone systems ensure small businesses or start-ups can compete with larger, established enterprises.

As well as reviewing phone systems that can help the performance and productivity of your small business immediately you also need to future proof your choice by ensuring the telephone system you choose fits with the growth strategy for organisation.

Other Considerations

  • Is there a business need to be able to integrate your phone system with the IT used?
  • Do you need call redirection to staff members working from home?
  • Do you need call forwarding to mobile phones, and integrated into your system?
  • Do you need the ability to find dial numbers and customer details stored on your computer, called Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)?
  • Do you need a data network to be installed, capable of using wireless technology?

Whatever the industry a company operates in, a small number of businesses may not need these extras, although some may find them useful.

Once you have answered these questions you can start to look at which system is suitable for your needs..

Broadgate Voice & Data Small Home Business voip traditional phones

Choosing the Right Phone System for Your Business

What is considered a ‘good phone system’ can vary depending on the number of extensions and features needed. In addition, advances in mobile technology are changing the ways in which many people do business.

Hosted cloud-based PBX systems allows businesses to move away from conventional in-house phone lines to provide better communication from just their mobile – the perfect solution for any business looking to reduce their communication costs but still benefit from the latest features such as personalised on-hold music and call recording or marketing messages.

  • Traditional Systems (PBX)

If you are considering to buy a traditional phone system, you will need to consider buying a phone for each employee. If you have a small business with a small number of employees, there is no reason why you can’t just buy a similar setup that you have at home.

If you many extensions for your employees, you will need to consider using a Private Branch Exchange or PBX. This will synchronize all incoming and outgoing calls, to help make transfers and manage voicemail on various extensions.

A PBX was once a wall-mounted box where each phone line plugged into. Today, these can be virtual, offering the same functionality as traditional hardware.


  • VoIP for Small Businesses

VoIP systems transmit phone audio over the Internet. It is vital to ensure that your VoIP phones never use the same connection for the Internet otherwise if multiple people are online at once, this can cause dropped or garbled calls.

The number of lines you need is based on the number of people you expect to use the system simultaneously.

e.g., an organisation with 2 people will be likely only need 2 lines, an organisation with 10 people will generally need 5 to 7 lines, and an organisation with 100 people could need up to 20 lines.

Finding the Right Match

Keeping your small office as productive and efficient as possible is one of the biggest challenge’s small organisations and start-ups face today. Putting the right communications process in place early can mean saving money, time and space further down the line.

To choose the right system for your business, it’s best to mix and match from the different options open to you. So before making a decision, speak to our experts and explore the different options you can opt for.


£15.00 Per User Per Month

Includes : Line rental, DDI numbers , Voicemail, Caller Display , Call Hold and Transfer, 3-way Calling, Do Not Disturb, Music on Hold. Group Pickup and many more features.


£20.00 Per User Per Month

Includes all the features of the Silver Package + the additional facilities of , Auto Attendant , Call Queuing,and Call Recording. Storage Charges will apply.


£10.00 Per User Per Month

Make and receive your Office calls from an iPhone or Android device, anywhere in the world.This can also be installed on an iPad, Tablet, Macbook, Windows PC and integrates with most Hosted CRM platforms.