At Broadgate we believe providing state of the art features and quality with our services will justify ROI and help increase your business prospects. Our Click-to-Call service will give you that. There is non need to remember and write down the important phone numbers.

  • At Broadgate we are pleased to have launched our Click-to-Call on its SIP Trunks.
  • Click-to-call will allow calls to be made by anyone directly from an email signature, hyperlink or website.

With Click-to-Call there’s no cost to making or receiving calls

  • Furthermore, the application is totally free of charge if you use Broadgate SIP Trunks for new and existing users.
  • Broadgate started introducing click-to-call as a range of applications used to leverage WebRTC technology. Broadgate has and always will be an application-based provider. SIP carriers are not all the same, features and platforms are different.
  • Customers calling you at any time will want you to answer. Through “The Broadgate PBX’s Click-to-Call” feature available with its Hosted PBX Systems allows callers to reach you from your website. Satisfied customers mean greater business revenue and greater caller retention and increased business prospects.
  • How it works?

  • Complete customer satisfaction with quick response times.
  • All calls directed to your concerned department.
  • Customer clicks on Click-to-Call button.
Broadgate Voice & Data Click to Call make a call directly from a website, email signature of hyperlink