A Windows server is often the backbone to any businesses IT infrastructure. Whilst it has gone through many revisions over the years, it is still the most commonly used system.

For some, a cloud based system isn’t a viable option and in these instances, we always recommend the tried and tested Windows Server.

Broadgate have many years experience in installing and maintaining these systems and we are able to customise a server to meet your needs. If you already have a server, we can take on the maintenance or utilise upgrade options to give it a new lease of life.

Broadgate are able to maintain or supply and manufacturer of windows server although we have an excellent partnership with Dell and HP which enables us to pass on our fantastic pricing to you.

If you are considering implementing a server in to your business or upgrading your existing machine, with our leasing options and competitive install rates it may be cheaper than you think.

  • With a Windows server you get the following features as standard;

  • Centralised storage of all data
  • The ability to restrict access to certain data
  • Group policies to roll out permissions to specific groups or individuals
  • File and print sharing
  • A centralised area in which to perform backups to minimise loss of essential data.