In simplest terms VoIP means the transmission of voice and multimedia over the internet. This can provide a number of benefits over using traditional phone services, especially within an enterprise environment where many calls are being conducted on an hourly or daily basis. Some of the primary benefits and uses of VoIP are listed below:

Benefits of Using VoIP:

  • VoIP Phone Systems For Small Businesses

For an individual using their phone for personal communication, there isn’t much difference between VoIP and a standard phone, but for a small business that’s looking for a comprehensive business phone system, VoIP can provide the most cost-effective and capable solution. The virtualised nature of VoIP means that business owners don’t need to buy or lease overpriced hardware in order to set up a well-rounded small business communications network.

  • Better Mobility and Connectivity

In many geographical areas or inside certain buildings, cellular reception can vary in intensity, ranging from a strong signal to a complete lack of service, depending on where you are. With VoIP, as long as you’re within range of a Wi-Fi router or high-speed mobile data connection, your signal will always be as clear and reliable as your internet. Many companies combine VoIP systems with powerful wireless routers to cover large stores or offices with extended connectivity. Furthermore, you can access your business phone service from anywhere there’s an internet connection, so a company isn’t limited to using its corporate phone systems only at its place of business.

  • Ease of Configuration and Installation

Conventional corporate phone systems come with complex installation processes that involve the setup and wiring of advanced hardware. On the other hand, when you’re using VoIP for your business, all you need is a connection to the internet and a computer to get started. Installing and configuring a VoIP system is just as easy as installing any other form of computer software. Plus, Broadgate offers extensive customer support that walks you through every step in the setup.

  • Scalable Nature

Enterprise VoIP systems can be immediately and easily scaled up to include more phones, users, and computers. Broadgate VoIP plans come in various sizes that make it easy to expand a hosted VoIP system as needed within a cloud-based environment. This means that your network configuration and lines are accessible from anywhere you can connect to the web. Additionally, this scalability and locational flexibly means that companies can easily accommodate the communication needs of newly established branches, franchises, and store locations during a national or regional expansion

  • Feature-rich Systems

Since VoIP is software-based, it’s not surprising that you have access to more settings and options than you would in a typical hardware-based phone system. Everything about the functionality and appearance of a cloud VoIP system can be customised and fine-tuned using convenient online menus. Broadgate can work with you to develop a custom VoIP platform that is perfectly suited to the needs of your company and your preferences as the owner or manager of the business. Call us today on 020 3078 9900 to get a free consultation and quote.