Voice & Data

Your first invoice will be for the advance payment on the equipment supplied along with charges for part of the month when your Line transferred to Broadgate as well as the following months charge.
Our award winning VoIP call solutions are also available in simple bundles. Keep things simple with our pre-built bundles or customise your own.
For any issue or fault with your service you can log a ticket from here or contact our support team on 020 3078 9900
With the standard Care Level 2 option on lines, Openreach will aim to have your fault fixed within 2 working days. This is obviously subject to change due to the complexity of the fault and engineering availability in the area. If there is a major service outage in your area and your fault is associated with it, then lead times may be extended drastically, all depending on the work required to fix the fault. Care Level lead times will not apply in these cases. If you have concerns about the lead times connected to your business lines, we can offer you an enhanced Care Level option: Care Level 3 – repair by End of Next Half Working Day (Inc Bank Holidays) Mon-Sun. Care Level 4 provides a target 6 hour fix; this is not the response time but the actual repair time, which means the lines can be back running within 6 hours. This applies 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and includes public and all bank holidays. Particularly useful when your company relies heavily on those that require out of office response times or using their phones. Discuss the pricing on our enhanced options with your Account Manager.
If you decide to move premises but you are still in the same exchange area it should be possible to keep your existing number. If you move outside your existing exchange using our hosted product means you can still retain your number. To discuss your options contact your Account Manager.
Any new lines lead time will depend on the engineering availability in your area and also the line type. We won’t know your installation lead time until we place the order. Due to additional work that is required sometimes lead times are also subject to change. The guidelines for new line installations are below:
Analogue lines – 10 to 14 working days
ISDN2 Circuits – 2 to 4 weeks
ISDN30 Circuits – 6 to 8 weeks
Hosted Lines – 2 to 4 weeks (Subject to line port)
Remember that these guidelines may vary according to availability and area.
Broadgate can maintain, install, and supply a telephone system to suit the needs of businesses. Call 0203 078 9900 to find out more about what systems we install and maintain.
Broadgate’s contract terms can be found here. Please contact your Account Manager or our Customer Relations department to discuss your contract terms.
When you receive your Welcome Letter, it will have details of your Account Manager to contact. Please contact our Billing department who can confirm these details.
We pride ourselves on our customer experience so if an issue arises, we would like to hear from you. Our Support team are on hand to take your call.

Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) is the fastest and latest broadband solution for businesses. If ordinary “ADSL” broadband is provided that is sufficient enough for your local exchange. Even though FTTC is being rolled out all over the country, for it to work with the cabinet that your line connects to directly, it has to be fibre enabled. The best way to find out what is available to you now, or when you might be able to use this service is to contact us.

Broadband installation lead times can vary a lot depending on the solution and the product you need. Normal installation times for standard broadband connections are seven to ten working days. However, fast-track services available sometimes. Simply contact your Account Manager for further details.

Please note that customers must take full responsibility for their own Static IP configurations, servers, and internal networks.

Using a Broadgate Supplied Router:
A preconfigured router will be supplied preconfigured with all your login details.

Using an alternative Router:
Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions if you have purchased your own router. Simply refer to the Setup Information and Account Details sheet included with the Welcome Letter we will send you.

Please Note:
If you need help in configuring your existing router, and not our preconfigured router we are happy to provide this service at our discounted rate. Please contact your Account Manager for further details.