You most likely would have heard of “The Cloud” in recent years, and if you are wondering what it means, it refers simply to any software or hardware you use, that doesn’t actually physically exist on your premises.

Cloud based services have been around for years. Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo are all examples of applications that use the Cloud.

In recent years cloud computing refers to applications or servers you access via the internet. At Broadgate we have a choice of cloud-based services available such as hosted desktop solutions, cloud backup, hosted email, and hosted servers.

2 Key Areas For Hosted/Cloud Based Solutions:

  • Hosted Desktop

  • Fully Cloud Based Server Environment
  • No Expensive Hardware
  • Low Setup Costs
  • Fully Scalable

To find out more about how our hosted desktop services can improve your business communications and security please contact us at 0203 078 9900

Broadgate’s hosted desktop services gives you the flexibility to access your business applications remotely. An internet connection is all you need to connect your business from anywhere in the world. Hosted Desktop gives all your users the ability to access your business data and applications from multiple locations. By hosting your business applications in the cloud you will have the ability to upscale your infrastructure any time saving you costly software and hardware upgrades by simply paying per user.

Hosted desktop allows your software applications to be run in any web browser. It provides continuous remote access to your data and applications which are stored and backed-up daily in our secure data centres.

The benefits are truly endless but below are just a few.

  • Security – Storing all your data in high security UK based data centres, transmissions are made using the same industry standard SSL encryption that is used for online banking and secure payments. Additional security is provided on our network by enterprise grade firewalls, that have preinstalled antivirus software and intrusion detection to block and monitor any unauthorised access.
  • Work from anywhere using Hosted Telephony – Hosted telephony gives you access to your data and applications anytime using your phone, tablet PC or laptop through any web browser with an internet connection.
  • Business continuity – Our hourly replication and back-up process means that in the event of a connectivity or equipment problem at our data centre, you will still have access to your desktop or applications from our second site.
  • Reduce IT costs – Hosted desktop means no more expensive in-house servers with their related IT support costs.
  • IT support – Your application software will be installed by us on our servers and we will deal with any updates or maintenance on your behalf at a time that suits you. We offer UK based help-desk and telephone support for all customers.
  • Hybrid Cloud Server

  • Fully Cloud Based Server Environment
  • Fully Scalable
  • Watertight Disaster Recovery Contingencies
  • Backup Server Hosted Locally

Businesses, until recently have had to decide whether to use a fully cloud based phone system or to go for on-premises IT.

Additionally, from summer 2015, technologies such as Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Exchange 2003 and Small Business Server 2003 will no longer be supported, becoming an issue for any number of organizations who continue to use these systems.

  • So what do you do?

Speak to Broadgate about our Hybrid Cloud Server solution. Our Hybrid Cloud system will provide you with all the benefits of a hosted solution with none of the downside of on-premises IT. For users who don’t wish to go fully cloud based, this solution is perfect. You will have a server in your premises that is continuously replicated to the cloud. You can still work locally even if the internet goes down. You can still work on the cloud, if the local server goes down. This is especially useful if you are prone to power cuts or your internet connection is unreliable. You also run on speeds of 1Gbps because you will be working off a local server.

As your server continues to replicate itself in a data centre, backups are automatic, you are protected from fire, flood and theft. If there is a disaster, you will be working again immediately from another location with an internet connection, it really is the best of both worlds!