Earn discounts, it’s so easy!

  • Broadgate account customers can now refer other businesses (“referral”) to join the Broadgate Voice platform and in return be rewarded with “discounts” against their license rentals for a year.
  • When your referral joins Broadgate, you will receive 20% discount off the basic license charge you pay for each license they connect, excluding any call bundles. For example, if your license cost is £20, your next invoice will show the rewarded discount of £4 for each license your referral has connected. Alternatively, you can share the discount with them, with each getting 10%.
  • Each referral elevates you within the scheme. The stages are Bronze (-20%), Silver (-40%), Gold (-60%), Platinum (-80%) and Diamond-(100%).
  • The maximum discount you can receive is 100% in a 12-month period.
  • Refer 5 similarly sized businesses to yours and your phone system is free. All you pay for is the calls.
  • Once your referral is on the Broadgate Voice platform, they in turn can benefit from the Referral and Reward Scheme.

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How can you refer a business?

  • Referring a business is easy and can be done in several ways:
    • Send an email to referral@broadgatevoice.co.uk with the contact details of your referral and this will generate a ticket that will be sent to our Sales Team.
    • You can generate a quote for them on our website. This will send a quote to them to accept.
    • You can call our sales department and they will contact your referral on your behalf and explain the benefits of joining Broadgate Voice.
    • Ask your referral to email sales@broadgatevoice.co.uk and mention who referred them.
    • Download and fill out the below form.
  • Your Account Reference, Company Name, or primary contact is your referral ID. This will be used to track your referrals so you always get the discounts.

Referral Form

Why are we doing this?

This scheme is being sponsored by our equipment supplier Cisco, and our line providers. They have set a target of the number of businesses they want to support and help grow. By connecting as many businesses to the VoIP network, everyone wins. It’s more reliable, flexible, clearer, and cheaper to maintain.

Broadgate has been leading the drive to move SMEs to the VoIP platform and we believe that this direct cash incentive will help our customers.

You will always be kept informed of the process by way of a polite email update.

Qualifying licenses are Desktop Silver and Gold licenses only (where a handset is supplied).

Referral and Reward Scheme

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Terms and conditions

  • This scheme is only available to billing Broadgate Voice customers
  • Discounts and Bonuses are only applicable to invoiced licenses
  • This scheme is an introduction scheme only and you are not acting as our agents
  • Discounts will be applied one month after connection of the referred license(s)
  • To elevate from one stage to the next, all your licenses will need to have had a discount applied from referrals
  • You can choose to share your discount with the referral equally i.e. each gaining a 10% discount off the license cost. If you choose to do this within each stage, you would need twice as many connected licenses as you have to progress to the next stage
  • The duration of each discount will be for 12 months from the date of connection. The maximum discount that will apply in any 12-month period will be 100%