Broadgate Voice provides a broad range of mobile and fixed telephony capabilities through an easy-to-use web portal. We are a complete communications service for your business creating an environment that is easy to manage. This in turn will help you improve your corporate image and help your employees maximise their productivity.


  • What is Broadgate Voice ?

Broadgate Voice is a cloud based hosted telephony service that is simple to configure and easy to use – a virtual PBX. Calls received and made are transmitted over a voice-over-internet broadband connection. You monitor and configure your phones through a simple to use web portal. Broadgate Voice phones are just like using standard phones however, you won’t need any specialist skills or knowledge to make the most of all the features provide by the system.


  • Who is Broadgate Voice aimed at?

Aimed at any type of business, Broadgate Voice is most effective in organisations having more than one building that work together as it is capable of a lot of employees. Here are some examples of how Broadgate Voice is commonly used:


Dynamic businesses that want flexibility

Employees of businesses who usually spend time out of the office or are regularly on the move won’t miss any calls. Each user simply configures the system, at the click of a mouse, where calls should be redirected: their colleague, desk, or their mobile (or both). For any missed calls they can simply listen back to their voicemail wherever they are.


Organisations that need a business continuity solution

In the event of a disaster the services will be moved immediately to a backup plan that has, for example, inexpensive ways of diverting calls to various locations and with no loss to functionality.


Ideal for multi-sites

Broadgate Voice connects branch offices together, everyone shares the same dial plans directories, and calls are free between locations. As the service is centrally hosted you won’t need expensive systems for each site.


Improving customer contact

Play back marketing messages, calls put on hold, moving calls seamlessly between offices and users, all providing your customers with the best experience when calling your business.


Organisations that prefer outsourcing

Pay for what you use because as we host on your behalf there are no expensive running or maintenance costs. No matter how many times your business goes through changes, Broadgate Voice can change with you. You have complete control of the way your phone network is configured.


Training and monitoring

As Broadgate Voice provides cost-effective ways to record calls what we offer is delivered as a fully featured system with administrative features. This makes it easy to monitor your performance, usage and costs as well as managing your system.

  • Your choice of handsets

Use any range of handsets and choose any type of manufacturers when you sign up to Broadgate Voice; you will be not restricted to using only one type of hardware or manufacturer either. An easy-to-use desktop client is all you need to be connected through. Contact us for a full list of compatible features, hardware and options.


  • The benefits of Broadgate Voice

  • Easily controlled features – Broadgate Voice comes with an extensive range of management and call handling features, all working through an easy-to-use web interface.
  • One number anywhere – Callers will only need to dial one number to reach your mobile phone and desk phone simultaneously.
  • Lower call costs – With all the cost benefits that comes with IP telephony Broadgate Voice includes cheaper call rates and free site-to-site calls.
  • Allows flexible working – By enabling flexible work environments your team will be more efficient through home working, extending the service to mobile devices, and hot-desking,
  • Number choice – You have total flexibility with the numbers. Use any local area number, extending your business reach no matter where you are located.
  • Business continuity – Because Broadgate Voice operates in the cloud it’s business continuity features provides your company the functionality to continue taking calls, regardless of the circumstances.
  • Can I have Broadgate Voice in my business?

    Broadgate Voice is a hosted IP telephony system that suits any size of business. It is especially effective when you have any number of sites working together. It’s also capable of serving hundreds of employees.

    With only a minimal capital outlay Broadgate Voice’s jargon-free approach to communications and telephony is a proven, reliable service. When you switch to Broadgate Voice you will benefit immediately from a more flexible and cheaper phone service, helping you improve your organisation’s image and productivity.