Changing From a Traditional Phone System to a Hosted VoIP

These days Telecommunications and IT are at the heart of every organisation, it will come as welcome news that the cost of one of your organisation’s most crucial elements has recently dropped massively thanks to Hosted VoIP from Broadgate.

For the uninitiated, VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol; the revolutionary method of employing a fast broadband connection to transmit voice calls, thereby replacing and greatly improving flexibility on old-style fixed analogue and ISDN line systems.

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  • Why does Hosted VoIP cuts costs and offer a host of advanced features:

Unlike most conventional phone systems which use equipment that can cost thousands of pounds, a Hosted phone system has no upfront costs and is based in a subscription model like Microsoft 365 and utilises cloud technology. As a result the cost can be up to a staggering 70% less than a conventional phone system, while also reducing the cost of calls and removing the need for on-site maintenance and support charges.

Huge cost savings, on demand features, increased quality and reliability, flexibility and a range of integrated advanced features; no wonder businesses across the world are now choosing Hosted VoIP phone systems.

  • No capital outlay and the Broadgate Voice & Data price pledge:

To add to the overwhelming appeal of Hosted VoIP, with Broadgate Voice & Data there is no capital outlay whatsoever. All you pay is a fixed monthly cost which covers both the line and handset rental and installation; enabling you to budget more accurately and direct your capital to where there is greater need.

We are so confident about our ability to provide you with a solution tailor-made to your requirements, that we offer the Broadgate Voice & Data price pledge; whereby we promise to meet or better any like for like quote, so it really is a win-win situation.

Get the inside track and ask for a copy of the “Broadgate Voice & Data guide to Hosted VoIP buyers guide” by simply replying yes to this email and we will send you one without obligation straight away.

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