Employee-friendly Systems Improve Staff Morale

More and more employers are being encouraged to adopt policies and practices that improve their employee’s work-life balance. Many office jobs require nothing more complicated than a broadband connection, computer and telephone and can be done from home or in the office.

A virtual PBX can allow you to approve requests for flexible working or home working by allowing your employees to take their office phones home as easily as they can take their office laptops. A VoIP handset can seamlessly switch between using the office WiFi or mobile data network to route telephone calls across the internet meaning colleagues and clients alike only need one number to be able to contact each other.

Broadgate voice & data newsletter letters on an ipad

In the office the ease with which your employees will be able to learn to use the handsets will amaze even the most technophobic of staff members. The intuitive interface guides them through setting up the advanced features – some of which are only available on traditional exchanges costing thousands to install – and once they’ve got to grips with it once they can rest assured it will be the same on any other handset.

Happy employees make happy managers but to keep them happier still you can have a reliable, feature-rich, configurable and scalable hosted phone system for a fraction of the cost of a traditional system.

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