• New Legislation from OFCOM – Free means Free…

A legislation that was passed by OFCOM on 1st July 2015, made calls to 0800 numbers from mobiles are free of charge.

Any business that wants more inbound calls will benefit from having a Freephone number. Whether it’s to promote more successful marketing campaigns or show greater Customer Service, Freephone numbers benefit your business.


  • Key Business Benefits

  • Free Calls
    0800 and 0808 numbers are recognised instantly as Freephone numbers promoting a positive image for your business as one that is interested in its customers.
  • Marketing & Budgeting
    Using unique numbers for separate marketing campaigns helps business’s understand which campaigns are more successful than others.
  • Larger & more Professional
    08 numbers generally represent larger, more professional businesses. They are well known on a national scale in comparison to using 01 or 02 phone numbers.
  • Memorable
    Choose a phone number for your business that is easy to remember and encourages callers.
  • Inbound

Answer your calls anywhere and on any device

  • Instant Call Management
  • Any device, anywhere, any numbers
  • Call Queuing/Auto-attendant
  • No Capital Outlay
  • Disaster Recovery