5 Myths About Hosted Phone Systems

Have you heard bad things about VoIP? This email should reassure you that there’s no truth in it but if you’d rather hear it directly please feel free to call me on 020 7566 4949.

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  • MYTH 1: VoIP is unreliable

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is actually more reliable than traditional copper wires. By using the distributed nature of the Internet you are no longer tied to a single connection to the outside world – easily damaged by a poorly placed road worker’s drill or bad weather. Your telephone handset converts your voice into a digital signal which is then passed to our cloud servers and routed to the handset you are calling.

  • MYTH 2: The technology is too new

Internet Telephony has been around for a good few years – and we’ve been in business providing business telephony for over a decade. The only difference is that now people are starting to see what a difference a hosted phone system can make to their business.

  • MYTH 3: It’s too expensive as we’ll need new phones

One monthly payment will cover rental of the handsets and provision of the service. You can even have WiFi phones which act like smartphones and connect through the mobile network when you’re not in the office. We’ve seen some companies save 70% on their telecommunications costs by switching to a hosted phone system.

  • MYTH 4: It’s too complicated.

We provide the support and training you need to be able to manage and configure your network yourself. Features you don’t need you don’t need to enable. Handsets are all compatible – so once you’ve learnt how to use one you’ll know how to use all of them.

  • MYTH 5: It’ll create more paperwork

Switching to a hosted telephone system will allow you to bring landline and mobile contracts together into one single account and one point of contact in the unlikely event something goes wrong. Instead of increasing paperwork a hosted phone system could reduce it.