How valuable are your company records and information?

What consequence, both in terms of time and cost, would loss of this data have on your business?

To meet the growing needs of business continuity, we provide encrypted, online backup to protect and secure your data. For a monthly fee you can regularly back up all your data, offsite and automatically for total security.

Offsite backup is secure, fast and reliable, you can dramatically improve your recovery and data backup with the following key benefits…

  • We are specialists in online backup: Outsource your backups to us, having the peace of mind that your data is being looked after by the experts. Our expert technical support will protect your data, meaning that in the event of a data disaster we will assist you in retrieving your data quickly and securely.
  • Business Continuity: Having constant available data is key to any continuity plan you have setup for your business. Online data backup protects your data securely so that you can completely focus on your business.
  • Fully Automated: Our forget and set software means changing tapes is no longer needed. Choose when you want it and what you want backed up with the safe knowledge that it is protected using the latest up to date encryption techniques in our state-of-the-art UK data centres.
  • Presence & Messaging
  • Protecting your data couldn’t be simpler or faster.

Our automatic, daily backup provides fast and reliable data restore capability with UK based technical support, military level encryption for total security, no large upfront costs, just manageable monthly plans.

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