According to The VoIP Report, 31 percent of businesses rely on the VoIP system because of its productivity-boosting features. It is estimated that during the time span of 2016 to 2020, the global mobile VoIP market will see an impressive growth of 28 percent.

In today’s internet driven society, the VoIP system has become more of a necessity for the efficient working of a business than just being a choice. It comes with a number of potential benefits and can revolutionize the system of any company.

broadgate voice & data The Freedom and Scalability of a Hosted VoIP Telephone System versus analog


The installation and setup of the traditional phone lines were both intrusive and expensive. The configurations and reconfigurations took time and the maintenance and repairs never came easy. As Internet Protocol (IP) is required to make calls in a VoIP system, all the communication data is turned into packets which makes domestic and international calling a lot cheaper.

Remote Working

The major reason behind the immense popularity of the VoIP systems is eliminating the geographical boundaries of businesses. If you are expanding or rearranging your office space, the workers can easily access the web portal to configure the system at any time. It is also a terrific idea for businesses which have remote workers or employees who frequently travel as calls can be diverted anywhere in the world through the cloud-hosted VoIP systems.

Traditional Calling Features

You really don’t need to give up on any of your favourite features after switching to VoIP as all the basic and advanced features are supported by it. Call transfer, call hold, auto-attendant phone menus, and call hunt are some of the features which can easily be availed. Even conference calling is possible and that also without paying any hefty fee like you used to while using the customary phone lines.


Integration with Other Businesses

VoIP calls are internet-based so integrating them into other important business applications of daily use is not an issue. This makes placing calls through Outlook, Gmail, or other email clients possible. The traveling workers can easily access their voicemail accounts through their email and may even get voicemail transcription in their inbox. This feature transcribes the call into an email freeing the worker from the hassle of taking notes while listening to anything important.


Resourceful Client Interaction

You have the option where and how your calls should ring with the help of a VoIP system. Companies like Coca-Cola and JPMorgan have eliminated the voicemail as they believe that answering them takes too much of their time. The calls are directed from one device to another so that they are not missed especially if they are urgent. E-fax can be used to forward the important documents instantly without having to wait for a fax machine.

A complete shift of structure is scary and risky but given the advantages of the VoIP system, it only makes sense to integrate it into your business operations. Hire a reliable VoIP service provider and see for yourself the enhanced efficiency of your workers.

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