Broadgate announces an exciting offer for its existing customers who can earn some amazing discounts by referring the business to other potential clients. This is being done with the help of our line providers and equipment supplier, Cisco. Their mission is to support a certain number of businesses and provide them with tremendous growth opportunities.

Bringing more businesses to the VoIP system is a win-win situation for everyone. Astounding benefits are attached to this technology including cost-effectiveness, flexibility, facilitated remote working, integration with other business apps and a wide range of calling features.

Broadgate leads the market in bringing the SMEs to the VoIP platform. This is not only beneficial for the customers but is essential for the UK economy as well.

broadgate voice & data referral and rewards schemes discount

The Rewards

The maximum amount which can be waived off the license fee is 100 percent for 12 months. Refer any 5 businesses of similar size and all you need to pay is for the calls for the entire year. Once a referral becomes a client of the Broadgate referral program, it can also take advantage of the Referral and Reward Scheme.

When a referral joins the Broadgate system, you will be rewarded some incredible discounts against the yearly license fee.

  • As soon as a referral connects, you will receive 20 percent off the basic license fee excluding the call bundles. Connecting more referrals means getting a further discount on the amount.
  • You can even share the discount with your referrals by giving them a 10 percent off in their charges.
  • With each new referral, you will be promoted to a higher stage of the scheme. The stages are:
    • Bronze (-20 percent)
    • Silver (-40 percent)
    • Gold (-60 percent)
    • Platinum (-80 percent)
    • Diamond (-100 percent)

Steps to Follow to Refer a Business

There are multiple ways to refer a business:

  • Send an email to along with complete contact details of your referral and a ticket will automatically be generated to our Sales Team.
  • Use our official website to generate a quote for the referrals.
  • Contact our sales department and it will directly call the referral on your behalf. Our staff will explain them the benefits of becoming a part of Broadgate Voice.
  • The referral can email and mention your name as the one who referred them Broadgate Voice.

Who Can Apply for This Scheme?

Only the billing Broadgate customers are eligible to take part in this scheme and the discounts and bonuses will not be available for un-invoiced licenses. This scheme does not make our clients our agents and is only an introductory promotional scheme. Remember that the discounts will be valid one month after the connection and moving from one stage to another is only possible through the discount applied by referrals.

You do have the option of sharing half of your discount with the referral but this means that you would need twice as many connected licenses as before to advance to the next stage. The maximum duration of the discount is 1 year and the maximum discount which can be applied is 100 percent on a 12-month period.

At Broadgate Voice, we look forward to providing the best services to our customers and creating a strong and reliable working relationship.

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