The coronavirus pandemic has impacted everyone’s life to some degree. There is no aspect of modern life that hasn’t been affected by the outbreak and many people have had to make serious adjustments to their daily routines as a result. There are relatively few businesses that are able to carry on their operations as normal throughout this crisis, requiring the majority to adapt to the present circumstances.

For most businesses, this has required them to embrace remote working technologies. Even businesses that had never considered remote working as a part of their operations before have recently been forced to introduce it in some form to their businesses. The United Arab Emirates has traditionally taken a very dim view of VoIP applications. However, economic necessity is now pushing even the UAE to lift their previous VoIP restrictions and enable their workers to utilise this technology uninhibited.

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Why VoIP Matters?

VoIP services have become increasingly important to businesses across the board over the last few decades. With a comprehensive VoIP system or a unified communications as a service setup, businesses both large and small are able to stay in constant contact with their workers.

The current outbreak has only reinforced the need for businesses to invest in VoIP technology if they want to maintain communications in all circumstances. The United Arab Emirates may well have been hostile to the idea of VoIP apps in the past, but there really is no alternative solution to the current problems that Covid-19 presents.


VoIP Restrictions

Prior to the current pandemic, any business wishing to operate a VoIP service within the UAE would need to register with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority. This has traditionally made it hard for businesses, especially those that are foreign-owned, to make any serious headway in the UAE market.

However, with the relaxing of restrictions, businesses can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they have VoIP services to fall back on if they need them. For the many businesses that are trying to make home or remote working arrangements possible, this is a serious advantage.

What Does This Mean?

For businesses that are based within the United Arab Emirates, this change in policy means that they are able to much more easily communicate with their customers and other businesses. In a world where making an international phone call is as simple as making a local call, it is easy to overlook the value that VoIP brings to businesses.

However, using VoIP in place of traditional communications methods can not only save businesses a significant amount of money, but it can also provide them with a much more reliable communications channel than they would otherwise have. In short, this new move by the UAE government is a win for everybody concerned.

The decision to lift restrictions on VoIP technologies will no doubt pay off for the UAE in the long run. After all, with the current shutdown, there are few other methods that can provide the same reliability or affordability as VoIP communications.

The Bottom Line

The hosted VoIP service is an ideal alternative to the traditional phone lines for businesses of any size. They have a rich and flexible system which is not only reasonably priced but also comes with multiple features.

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