Do you know that by switching to VoIP, small businesses can save around 45 percent every month as compared to the traditional phone system? Even a tech conglomerate like Dell saved $39.5 million by using its mobile workforce and cutting carbon footprint by telecommuting.

Contrary to the belief that VoIP service is only suitable for large enterprises, the small businesses can enjoy more flexibility and mobility through it. A company with 100 employees can save up to 19,660 working hours and $920,000 per year due to increased productivity achieved through VoIP.

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Is the Technology Still New for the Businesses?

The VoIP technology was introduced in the mid-90s so it is not something new. Its adoption is so widespread that it is estimated that by the end of 2018, only 6 percent of the US population will be using the traditional phone networks. It also has the capacity to integrate with the other important business applications. This proves that it is more aligned with the latest tech and trends as compared to a telephone system.


Understanding Hosted VoIP and IP-PBX

By hosted VoIP, we mean that the provider houses the equipment and will handle all your needs and resources from his own site. All the phones and desk sets are plugged into a router; the signaling and different calling features are handled by the provider’s IP-PBX at his location.

The IP-PBX is like a traditional PBX but comes with the latest technology which uses IP routing. It is purchased or installed from a telecom equipment company which uses gateway cards to connect any system to the provider.

Positives of Hosted VoIP

The installation, maintenance, and cost of IP-PBX are high and this would also mean additional responsibilities for the staff and management. On the other hand, switching to hosted VoIP neither requires a lot of time or money and brings about additional benefits too.

  • The setup and initial equipment cost are very low in hosted VoIP service. Even the maintenance costs are almost negligent because the provider is responsible for them.
  • As compared to a user, a provider would definitely have more resources. This means that access to a wider number of features would be possible and they will be implemented by the provider himself.
  • You can easily move your phone system as all you need to do is to plug in the IP phone to any broadband connection and you will be back to performing all the calling functions.
  • In case of a catastrophic event or loss of internet connection, the service will not come to a halt because there are backup power sources and special safeguards in the collocation facility.

The Bottom Line

The hosted VoIP service is an ideal alternative to the traditional phone lines for businesses of any size. They have a rich and flexible system which is not only reasonably priced but also comes with multiple features.

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