Thinking of Moving?

Businesses grow and sooner or later they find themselves needing more space than their existing offices can offer. Deciding to change location can be a huge upheaval and can incur unexpected costs. It can also be confusing for customers during the move if you have to change contact details.

A virtual PBX gives you one less thing to think about whilst moving. Leave a message for your client in one office, unplug the phone, take it to the new office and plug it in again just in time to catch them calling you back. You won’t incur fees for setting up new lines or breaking your contract either as the service we provide will remain the same regardless of where you are.

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A hosted phone system is easily scalable too. Increasing the number of phone lines is done virtually so no more waiting for engineers to turn up to run cables or install trunking. New handsets can be added very easily and once you’ve learnt how to use one handset you’ll be able to use any of them thanks to the across-the-range compatibility and intuitive interface.

If you’re thinking of moving your phone provider then try giving us a call first on  ‘020 7566 4949‘ to find out more. Or reply to this email to request a copy of our Buyer’s Guide.