In the post COVID-19 world, workers returning to the office may soon realize that they are wasting a lot time on traveling, and probably adding to the pollution of the planet too. We take a brief look at how working remotely could be the solution to this dilemma where home working had become the new normal during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Remote Work

Amidst a global crisis, some employees have observed higher job satisfaction and greater productivity translating into profitability for their employers. Working from home, businesses can benefit from overhead savings, along with happy employees, paving the way to how we may work in the future.

“Location is Irrelevant.”

There is no need to be anywhere specific to carry out our work anymore. Some days we might choose to go to the office, others we might go to a co working space, library, or just our living room.


VoIP systems allows you to do exactly that. At Broadgate Voice, we believe “Location should be a daily choice, not a lifestyle commitment”. With Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, CRM, Hyperlink dialling integration, all connected, makes our platform the winning choice for business.

We are going above and beyond in order to help you maintain business continuity. Our platform runs on Windows, MacOS, Android and Apples iOS seamlessly allowing you to move from one device to another at will.

Running a non-profit, educational institution, work in healthcare, marketing company, or consultancy firm where you will need to maintain communications so that your employees are meeting business needs. We are granting subscriptions to our services so that you can video conference and chat in this new remote-working culture.

Broadgate Voice has options for every business type.

  • Make Remote Workers Feel More Connected _ Internal Calling / Conferencing
  • Switch from One Device to Another Easily – Wherever there is an Internet Connection
  • Remote Workers Will Never Miss A Message – Voicemail to Email
  • Manage All Remote Workers from Broadgate’s Online Portal – Call Recordings, Call Times and Call Waits and much more

We offer 3 MONTHS short term plan on UCaaS telephones systems which incorporate:

  • Free VoIP Handsets
  • Mobile App (Android and iOS)
  • Video Conferencing (multi -participants)
  • Pricing from £8.99 per user
  • 48 Hour Activation

VOIP systems provide asynchronous communication, results-based tracking, and virtual workplace accessibility, elements that enable remote work defining the “new normal” of location-independent business operations.

The “new normal” still means that we live in a world in business where we require an office, however the focus should now be more on how we work rather than just where we work.

To ensure if another crisis occurs in the future, your business will be better prepared, and ready for any changes – it may be a good time to consider changing to our more flexible telephony solution at Broadgate Voice.

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