According to Statista, the market size of VoIP services is going to reach $9 billion in North America, $16.5 billion in Europe, and $17.5 billion in the Asia Pacific. In the coming years, it is predicted that the CAGR of this industry is going to be 9.1 percent until 2021 and Latin America is going to be the fastest growing market.

A report by Information Week indicated that 70 percent of the companies have already deployed Unified Communication in the cloud or are planning to do so. It seems that the VoIP services are answering most of the primary communication needs of the companies causing them to replace the traditional telephone systems.

broadgate voice & data how does it all fit together a look into basic voip implementation

Complete Portability

Whether you are expanding your office or moving from one location to another, this will be an ideal time to analyze your communication needs. A good phone system will not bring about any additional costs and the shifting process will be hassle-free. It will also serve as a great advantage for the remote workers as now, they can enjoy all the advanced communication features while being on-the-go.


Supporting Mobile Devices

A survey was conducted by IT Business Edge which revealed that 94 percent of small businesses believe that their efficiency is increased because of mobile devices. In the modern world, enterprises, irrespective of their magnitude, are becoming more mobile than ever before. All the office communications work seamlessly through the VoIP system as you can now receive and make calls, transfer them to different extensions, and even transcribe voice messages to save time.


Growing with the Business

The biggest advantage of the cloud is that it adjusts to the needs of the business. If your business increases in magnitude, the cloud will automatically grow with it enabling you to carry out all the business operations with ease. You can even ask the hosted VoIP provider to add or remove features according to the demands of your business.


Improved Administration and Management

Customer service tools are the highlight of these services as you really don’t need to call again and again for all the minor adjustments. You can easily make some changes by a few clicks because the VoIP systems are built to improve the working experience of the organizations. None of the tasks need to wait for hours before completion because this service tends to speed up processes.


Versatile Features

There are a number of facilities and features attached to VoIP services that are not provided with the traditional phone systems. From call forwarding to auto-attendant phone menus, these features improve the operations of any organization and bring a relief for the workers. Conference calls, collaboration tools, and other such amazing features are available at reduced costs.

It is always a great idea to have maximum knowledge at your disposal because, in the end, it is all about making the right decision. VoIP serves as the new standard of business communication and failing to incorporate it into daily business operations can bring dire effects on it.

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